Keyless reversible air drill [AAD01] Keyless reversible air drill
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This ZionAir pneumatic drill can be used both left and right, has a 13mm quick-release head and is very suitable for all kinds of jobs.


  • max. drill head diameter = 10mm

  • direction of rotation = left / right

  • free speed = 1800rpm

  • average air consumption = 113L/min

  • air inlet = 1/4" (male connector included)

  • working pressure = 6,3bar

The specified air consumption is indicated at a pressure of 6,3 bar.
The air output at compressors is measured at ambient pressure, so these 2 values cannot be compared with each other.
If you need advise, consult one of our experts.

Keyless reversible air drill

- drilling capacity = 13mm
- free speed = 2200rpm
- air inlet = 1/4''
- air hose = 3/8''
- avg. air consumption = 4 SCFM /115 L/min
- working pressure = 6,3 bar

Compressors and accessories / Air tools / Air drills ZionAir AAD01 8720028000302
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€ 45.38 45.38 EUR
Cordless brushless impact drill incl. 2x 4.0Ah Batteries 18V + charger [IDC13MB2] Cordless brushless impact drill incl. 2x 4.0Ah Batteries 18V + charger
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The Cordless Brushless Impact Drill 18V from Fluxon. This drill is equipped with a brushless motor for maximum efficiency and durability. With 2x 18V/4Ah lithium-ion batteries, including a 220V 2.3A charger to keep your batteries charged and ready to go.

Safety is a top priority with the kickback control feature which reduces injury risk, giving you added control and stability. The steel drill chuck ensures a secure grip on the drill bits, while the COB LED light provides enhanced visibility in dark areas.

The brushless motor delivers high performance and long-lasting reliability. With 20 torque modes and screw/drill/hammer functions, you'll have the versatility to tackle a variety of tasks.

The Cordless Brushless Impact Drill 18V also features two speed settings (1 low / 2 high) and a no-load speed of 0-550/ 0-2200 rpm. The 13mm chuck diameter allows for a wide range of drill bits, and the maximum drill diameter is steel 13mm/ wood 40mm/ stone 13mm.
Equipped with a steel carrying clip for easy carrying and mounting of the machine. The machine also has a magnetic compartment at the front, ideal for storing screws or bits during use!

The 18V 4.0Ah Fluxon battery is made with the highest quality battery cells available in the market. Furthermore it is equipped with the latest BMS (battery management software) to ensure optimal performance, battery life and protection against overcharging and overheating.

The housing of the battery is made out of fire retardant material to ensure maximum safety.

Set contains:
- 1x Cordless impact drill
- 2x Batteries 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion
- 1x Battery charger 220V 2.3A
- 1x Control handle
- 1x Belt clip
- 1x Sturdy storage case.

Compressors and accessories / Air tools / Air drills Fluxon IDC13MB2 8720028112272
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