Fibercan+ absorbent [OCB30B] Fibercan+ absorbent
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Absorption granules

The Ecowave OCB30 Fibercan+ absorbent is used for removing especially oil and grease stains in the workshop or garage. After application to the stain, the absorbent almost immediately absorbs the oil (or other substance) and converts it into coarse grains.
In combination with the Ecowave absorb, it is easy to sweep up, filter and reuse the used absorbent. This makes the use of Fibercan + environmentally friendly, economical and efficient.

The product consists of a natural formula based on lignocellulose fibers, which immediately impact in the liquid. This gives the contaminated substance a coarser size and a different color. This structure makes it easy to separate the absorbent from the contaminated substances using the filter system of the Ecowave absorb, so that the absorbent can be reused.

Traditional absorbents are impractical, high in consumption and produce a lot of waste. With the use of the Ecowave absorb in combination with the Fibercan+ absorbent, all these negative properties are solved.

  • content = 30L

  • 100% natural

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